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Why Asphalt Paving Is an Ideal Choice over Concrete

The two popular materials used in paving, whether residential or commercial, are asphalt and concrete. However, some people make the mistake of assuming that these two materials are basically the same and that you could choose either one or the other without much difference in effect. The truth of the matter, though, is that both materials have their own pros and cons that would be dependent on your individual needs. If you are considering new paving for your home or office premises, here are some of the reasons why asphalt would be an ideal choice over concrete.

Asphalt paving affords you quick installation and use

The installation time for asphalt and concrete paving differs significantly. Typically, asphalt will take a much shorter installation time when compared to concrete paving. In addition to this, asphalt paving can also be in use much faster than concrete paving. This is because concrete paving requires several days to sufficiently cure and set before it can be exposed to any load bearing. Because of this, if you were looking for a quick solution to your paving needs, then asphalt paving would be an ideal choice for you.

Asphalt paving retains heat, making it easier for ice to melt

During the winter months, one of the biggest inconveniences for business premises as well as residences is the ice that forms on their paving. Not only does this make it harder to drive on the surface, but it is also a hazard, as it could cause unnecessary slips and falls. Asphalt paving is better for these conditions due its black colour. The dark colour retains heat better than concrete, hence making it easier for ice to melt when compared to concrete paving.

Asphalt paving is a low-maintenance alternative

One of the concerns people have when it comes to the installation of new paving is the amount of maintenance that would be required to keep the paving in pristine condition. In the event that asphalt paving begins to develop minor linear cracks, you can easily address and remedy the problem using sealant designed for these cracks. These are readily available in most stores and do not require professional application. In the event that asphalt acquires severe damage, paving contractors can work on it by heating the paving and reshaping it to its original form. The same cannot be done for concrete paving. If the structural integrity of concrete has been compromised, you may have to consider complete replacement of the paving. 

If you'd like to get asphalt paving, find a reliable contractor in your area to get started.