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Pothole Repair: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you own a private road that has developed potholes, you may be considering having them repaired. This article provides a step-by-step guide to how a contractor will repair a pothole in a road. Read on to discover more.

1. Remove rocks and other debris

The first thing a contractor will do is remove any rocks or other debris from the hole. Doing so allows them to establish the depth of the pothole. It also ensures that the new material placed in the hole remains stable.

2. Compact the loose soil down in the hole

Compacting is done to stabilise and flatten out any loose soil that may have fallen into the pothole. This process involves using a heavy roller to compact the soil. This will usually be done before any repairs are made to the road surface itself.

3. Lay down stones or sand

Sand or stones form a strong base for laying down new roads and help to create a smooth and flat base for laying new asphalt or tar. Contractors also compact this new foundation layer.

4. Patch the pothole

The next step is to fill the hole with asphalt or tar. This material will be red hot during application, so road users will usually be warned in advance of any scheduled repairs. The patch will be applied by a machine that pours it into the hole. A roller will then compact the patch into place before it cools and hardens into position. During this process, road users will be kept off of the road where repair work is taking place.

5. Compact the area again

This final step involves compacting the area around the pothole repair to ensure that there are no weak points in the material. This process creates a smooth and even surface for road users to travel over.

6. Repaint road markings

After the pothole has been repaired, road users may not realise that any work has even taken place. That's because any marking which was previously there will usually be repainted to match the surrounding road surface. This is normally carried out by a specialised machine which sprays paint onto the asphalt or tar.

The time needed to repair potholes will depend on whether any other road work needs to be carried out in conjunction with the repairs. Potholes can be repaired straight away or scheduled for later dates depending on what suits your schedule best. Contact local asphalt paving businesses for more information about pothole repairs.