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What You Need to Know About Sealing Your Natural Stone Floors

When it comes to natural stone floors, the primary concern for most homeowners is whether the stones will retain their natural appeal and elegance for a long time. When used in areas of the home that receive a lot of traffic, natural stone can lose its initial shine. Plus, some stone varieties are porous in nature and can allow spills and splashes to penetrate and form stains. 

Applying a quality sealer can significantly reduce the risk of damage to your floors by creating a layer of protection against the elements. It can also help to keep the beauty of the floors intact for years and years. Here is what you need to know about sealing your natural stone floors. 

Does Sealant Change the Colour of Your Natural Stone?

Apart from adding a protective layer to your natural stone flooring, some sealing products can also add beauty-enhancing hues to the stone. If your natural stone is marble or onyx, then you can use the colour-enhancing sealers to add a little lively colour to the stone. In addition, these sealers can help with concealing stains and scratches that are present on your flooring surfaces.

Note that not all sealers enhance the hue effect on your stone floors. If you are opting for a sealer that only protects your natural stone flooring from moisture and scratches, your ideal sealer will be impregnating sealers.

How Often Should Natural Stones Be Resealed?

Over time, the sealer you applied is bound to wear off. This leaves your natural stone floors susceptible to water and surface damage such as scratches. One way to know the right time to reapply a sealer is when you begin noticing that the original sealer wearing off.

Different sealers have different qualities to resist water and stains, as well as scratches. If you are having difficulties determining whether your natural stone needs resealing, ask an expert to check it out.

Is a DIY Sealing Project Possible?

While a DIY sealing project can save you money, it might not achieve professional-quality results. The job should be left to a contractor that specialises in natural stone flooring. These experts will know the correct sealer for your natural stone type and will also know how to apply the sealer correctly.

While hiring a professional comes at a cost, it is an investment that will go a long way in maximising the durability and beauty of your floors.

Need help with sealing your natural stone floors? Contact a local contractor to get your quote.