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Types of Infill You Can Use With Your Artificial Turf

One of the most tedious aspects of keeping your lawn lush and green is having to constantly water and maintain it. This is why more and more homeowners are opting for artificial turf grass as a convenient yet aesthetically appealing way to enhance the curb appeal of their homes. When you opt to switch to artificial turf, you may also begin using infill in tandem with your turf. Turf infill refers to granulated materials that are laid below the artificial turf to create a cushion between the turd and the ground. Although artificial turf tends to be long lasting, incorporating infill when it is being laid down enhances the longevity of the artificial turf. This infill also can facilitate in keeping the blades of your artificial turf upright. The following are some of the types of infill you can use with your artificial turf.

Rubber infill

This type of infill is also referred to as rubber crumb. It is manufactured from recycle car tyres. To create the infill, the used car tyres are melted down at the factory. Once melted, they are molded into small rubber pellets that are soft to the touch. If you would like to make your artificial turf feel soft underfoot, rubber infill would be an ideal choice. Since the rubber infill makes the artificial turf spongier than it initially is, the rubber crumb also decreases the chances of injuries on your artificial turf. This is because if adults or children alike were to fall over on the turf, their landing would be cushioned better than if the artificial turf had no infill whatsoever.

It should be noted though that rubber infill should not be digested. Prevent children and pets from trying to remove it from beneath the artificial turf, as some of these types of infill may contain traces of lead.

Silica infill

This type of infill constitutes particles of sand. Some manufacturers opt to incorporate some rubber crumble to the silica infill so as to make it softer and spongier. If you are installing your turf in areas of high traffic, then silica infill would be an ideal choice. The sand particles tend to be quite hard, and this provides a sturdy surface for the artificial turf. Silica turf would be ideal if you are installing the turf at a play area or a space that you regularly use for entertaining.

If you would like a cross between the rubber crumble and silica infill, you could always opt to have your contractors customise your infill to suit your specific needs.