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Indicators That Your Driveway May Require Bitumen Repairs

Granted, driveways are built to last a significant amount of time since they function to bear heavy weights on a regular basis. However, a mistake homeowners make is assuming that once their driveway has been paved that it will not require much attention. It should be noted that the longevity of your driveway will be affected by the amount of maintenance that it receives. If it is neglected throughout its lifespan, chances are it will start deteriorating prematurely. As such, it is prudent to be wary of any signs that your driveway is in need of attention. Here are some of the indicators that your driveway may require bitumen repairs

Cracks are forming on your driveway

Cracks will eventually form on your driveway due to regular wear and tear. The trick to keeping your driveway n good condition is to address these cracks as they form, rather than ignoring them. A driveway is exposed to an array of contaminants ranging from oils and chemicals that leak from vehicles. If these contaminants make their way into the cracks, they will eventually degrade your driveway's substrate. Over time, you may find you require complete repaving of your driveway. To prevent this, it is recommended to carry out regular inspections on your driveway. Any cracks forming, ranging from hairline cracks to fissures, should undergo bitumen repairs before they get a chance to expand.

Potholes have formed on your driveway

Most homeowners know that one way of preventing potholes on their driveway is by addressing cracks. However, this is not the only way that potholes can form. In some instances, these potholes will be created due to the expansion and contraction of your driveway's paving. These movements coupled with high traffic on the driveway will cause weak spots. Over time, the paving material at these weak spots start to disintegrate, hence forming potholes. When you spot the formation of potholes on your driveway, it is prudent to seek bitumen repairs post haste. This is because the disintegration of the paving can eventually spread and compromise your entire driveway. '

Water is not draining away from your driveway

Although paving materials are supposed to be able to withstand the elements, they are still susceptible to stagnant water. This is because if the water is not draining, it will eventually seep into the driveway and compromise the structural integrity of your paving. If you notice water keeps pooling on your driveway during the wet season, it is best to hire paving contractors to diagnose the problem and remedy it before your driveway is in disrepair.