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Important Aspects to Note When Planning a Cement Rendering Project for Your Home

The street look of your home may not be that appealing and thus you want to cement render. You may also be torn between carrying out the service yourself or hiring a professional and licensed renderer. Here are factors you need to be aware of to help you understand the rendering process and go about it the right way.

Hire a Professional and Licensed Renderer

Don't handle the cement rendering work yourself. So many things can go wrong, and you can burn through your cash quickly. The renderer will be experienced enough to assess the area and determine the best course of action. If the site requires some different type of service before rendering, the renderer will be in a position to inform you. For example, you may need some structural work that you were not aware of completed first, and the renderer can make a referral on the best person for the job. Additionally, hiring a renderer will give you warranty benefits and quality results.

The Type of Surface You Have Versus the Finishing You Want

The most common types of surfaces on which cement rendering is done include bricks, blue boards, fibre cement sheets, blocks and expanded polystyrene. Before you get to meet the renderer, you should already have an idea of the finishing you want. You may have seen it somewhere, so having a picture is a great start; if not, you can take the renderer to the physical location. The renderer will then be able to outline a plan and know what products will be used and how long the process will take.

Different types of surfaces require different types of product combinations, and this will also depend on the finishing you want. For example, if your house has brick surfaces with expanded polystyrene features, there will be a need to apply different base coats to allow for subsequent layers. Failure to apply the base coats properly will reduce the lifespan of the coating system, and you will have to redo the process after a short period. This is another reason why you should employ a professional and licensed renderer.

Preparing for the Project

Once the renderer has given you the project duration, you can organise yourself and also get some help from him or her to prepare the site. Your belongings should be protected from splatter or any damage. An experienced renderer will be able to take control of the site from the beginning to the end of the project.

Contact a cement rendering service for more information.